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  • Major Company

    Major Company

    It is a DT · DX platform service that can be experienced through smartphone screens, such as ARS and digital ARS, seen in over 300 call centers of large companies.

    • Call Connect
    • Visible ARS construction type
    • Visible ARS cloud integration type
    • Visual AI
    • Multimedia caller ID service
    • Missed Call Notification Pop-up Service
    • Mobile channel connectivity service
    • Consultation satisfaction and survey
  • Small & medium Company

    Small & medium Company

    This is a solution that is suitable for small and medium-sized business customers who want to use it in a cloud or existing ARS environment without the need for separate deployment.

    • Visible ARS cloud integration type
    • Visible ARS cloud subscription service
    • Mobile channel connectivity service
    • KakaoTalk consultation connection service
    • Corporate phone service
    • BrandCall
    • Consultation satisfaction and survey
    • CalltoWeb
  • Payment Solution

    Payment Solution

    It is a new payment service that allows for easy payment by popping up the payment screen during a phone call, based on visible ARS.

    • TapPay
  • Partnership


    We are pursuing various business opportunities through partnerships with companies, with a model that allows for mutual growth with our partners.

    • Contact Center Business Partnership
    • Solution Partnership
    • Cloud Alliance
  • Small Business Owener

    Small Business Owener

    Despite the lack of time and equipment, this solution is ideal for small business owners who prioritize customer service.

    • Call


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